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Your new tire pressure sensors must be registered to your vehicle. Please see your vehicle's owner's manual for the instruction on how to register them.
1) Set tire pressures to match the specifications listed on the driver's side door placard.
2) Switch ignition ON
3) Press function key "CAR"
4) In "CAR" menu, select "systems"
5) Select "Tire pressure monitoring"
6) Select "Store/save tire pressure" or "Tire change"
7) Drive the vehicle for 15 minutes

Audi ABS Based Indirect Tire Pressure Monitoring System Reset Procedures

To accommodate to the regulations implemented by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, most (if not all) car manufacturers have some version of the tire pressure monitoring system installed in every vehicle that rolls off the line.

Audi is unique in its approach to tire pressure monitoring systems. But before we explain why, we'll first need to talk about the two types of systems that exist today: Direct TPMS and Indirect TPMS.

Direct TPMS systems involve a small electronic assembly (EX: TPMS Sensor) that is mounted inside the tire. The sensor measures pressure using a microelectromechanical system (MEMS) and transmits the information back to the vehicle's receiver unit.

Indirect TPMS systems don't use the tire pressure sensor unit, but instead measure pressure by monitoring individual wheel rotational speeds. A tire at low pressure will roll at a different wheel speed than tires at higher pressures.

Audi has used both systems in its vehicles, with Direct TPMS being used in earlier Audi models and an Indirect ABS (Antilock Brake System)TPMS system used in later models. The Indirect ABS based TPMS system makes use of the wheel speed sensors that are part of the antilock braking system and electronic stability control system. Audi is the first vehicle manufacturer that is standardizing the ABS based Indirect TPMS system. All Audi 2011 and up vehicles are to be equipped with the ABS Indirect TPMS system.

So what do you do if your Audi uses an ABS Indirect TPMS system and your TPMS low pressure warning light comes on?

1) Just locate the factory tire pressure specifications on the vehicle placard located on the door sill on the driver's side.
2) Identify the tire that is low on pressure and fill it up according to factory specifications.
3) Put the key in ignition and start the car, but don't turn the engine on.
4) Push the "Car" button located on the vehicle control panel.
5) A menu will pop up on the screen, scroll down and select "tire pressure monitoring."
6) Select "Store Curr. Tire Pressure"
7) The screen will then read, "tire pressures are being stored.."
8) The tire pressure light should now be reset.