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Schrader 20028 TPMS Relearn Procedures

Depending on which generation (1st or 2nd) TPMS sensor is installed in your vehicle, a TPMS magnet or ATEQ VT15 TPMS trigger tool is required.

When new sensors are installed, they must be registered to the vehicle.

1) Press the MENU button until RETRAIN TIRE SENSORS is shown on the Electronic Vehicle Information
Center (EVIC) display.
2) Press the STEP button to select YES to retrain the TPM sensors.
3) Press the MENU button to enter selection.
4) Display will read TRAIN LEFT FRONT TIRE.
5) If 1st Generation sensors are installed on the vehicle, a magnet is required. Starting at the left front tire, place the MAGNET over the valve stem until the horn chirps (this takes approximately 5 seconds).
If 2nd Generation sensors are installed, a triggering tool is required. Starting with the left front tire, activate the TPMS sensor by placing the top of the ATEQ VT15 against the sidewall of the left front tire in the location of the valve stem. Press the left button, wait until the horn sounds, then press the right button to turn the tool off. The honk confirms that the left front sensor has been registered to the vehicle.
6) Repeat step 5 working clockwise around the vehicle (Left Front, Right Front, Right Rear, Left Rear, Spare) until all five TPM sensor positions are trained.
7) If the display reads TRAINING COMPLETE, pressing either the STEP, C/T, RESET or MENU buttons will exit the training mode. If the display reads TRAINING ABORTED, move the vehicle ahead at least 1 foot and complete steps 1-6 again.
Note: There is a 60 second timer for training the first tire and a 30 second timer between training the remaining tires. If either of these timers expire, the EVIC will abort the training procedure.

Compatible with the following vehicles:


2008 Crossfire Coupe
2008 Crossfire Roadster
2007 Crossfire Coupe
2007 Crossfire Roadster
2006 Crossfire Coupe
2006 Crossfire Roadster
2005 Crossfire Coupe
2005 Crossfire Roadster
2004 300M
2004 300M Special Edition
2004 Crossfire Coupe
2004 Pacifica
2003 300M
2003 300M Special Edition
2003 Town and Country
2003 Town and Country LTD AWD
2003 Town and Country LXI AWD
2003 Town and Country Ltd
2003 Town and Country TourAWD
2002 300M
2002 300M Special Edition
2002 Town and Country LTD AWD
2002 Town and Country LXI AWD
2002 Town and Country Ltd


2009 Viper
2008 Viper
2006 Viper SRT/10 Convertible
2006 Viper SRT/10 Coupe
2005 Viper SRT/10
2004 Viper SRT/10 Convertible
2003 Grand Caravan ES AWD TPMS
2003 Grand Caravan ES TPMS
2003 Viper SRT/10 Convertible
2002 Grand Caravan ES Tour.
2002 Grd Caravan ES AWD


2004 Grand Cherokee Laredo
2004 Grand Cherokee Limited
2004 Grand Cherokee Overland
2004 Liberty Limited 2wd
2004 Liberty Limited 4wd
2004 Liberty Renegade 2wd
2004 Liberty Renegade 4wd
2003 Grand Cherokee Laredo
2003 Grand Cherokee Limited
2003 Grand Cherokee Overland
2002 Grand Cherokee Laredo
2002 Grand Cherokee Limited
2002 Grand Cherokee Overland


2006 Endeavor 2wd
2006 Endeavor 4wd
2006 Galant ES
2006 Galant GTS
2006 Galant LS
2005 Endeavor 2wd
2005 Endeavor 4wd
2004 Endeavor 2wd
2004 Endeavor 4wd