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BMW 2011-2013 1 Series; 2010-2013 3 Series; 2011-2013 5 Series; 2012-2013 6 Series; 2011-2013 7 Series; 2010-2013 M Series; 2013 X1; 2012-2013 X3; 2011-2013 X5; 2011-2013 X6; 2011-2013 Z4 TPMS Relearn Procedures
Resetting the system via iDrive

  1. Place the ignition to ACC/ON with the engine off
  2. Go to the "vehicle info" menu
  3. Select "vehicle status"
  4. Select "Reset TPM"
  5. Start the engine, but keep the vehicle stationary
  6. Start the reset procedure using "Reset TPM"
  7. Begin to drive. On the screen, the tires will be shown in gray and "resetting TPM" wil be displayed.
  8. After 10-15 minutes of driving, the current tire pressures are accepted as the baseline pressures. Once the warning lamp goes out, the system reset is complete. On the screen, the tires should be shown in green and "Status: TPM Active" will be displayed.