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Porsche TPMS Relearn Procedures

Porsche TPMS Relearn Procedures: Huf RDE010 / RDE011

Resetting the System:

1) With the vehicle stationary, select MAIN MENU using the rocker switch.
2) Select TIRE PRESSURE and press the reset button.
3) Select SETTINGS.
4) Select TYRE TYPE.
5) Select TYRE SIZE (choose the closest size to what is currently installed on the vehicle)
6) The vehicle should now be driven for up to 25mins in order for the sensors to be recognized by the vehicle. All other sensors should be more than 20 feet away from the vehicle at all times. If a 25 minute drive above 20mph has not successfully reset the system, redo the reset procedure but before driving, deflate each tire 5-8psi, reinflate to the door placard spec, then drive for up to 30 miles continuously

2006-2009 Porsche 911; 2006-2008 Porsche Boxster; 2006-2008 Porsche Cayman TPMS Relearn Procedures

1) Put vehicle into relearn mode.
2) With the engine running, deflate each sensor/tire 5-8psi.
3) Reinflate to the door placard specifications.
4) Drive for 30mins.