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The universal TPMS solution for professionals

ALLIGATOR sens.it - just one TPM sensor for (almost) all vehicles

With the sens.it system, ALLIGATOR has developed the ideal solution for coping with the multiplicity of necessary sensors and, in many cases, making the expensive relearning processes for new sensors superfluous.

The sens.it sensor, un-programmed when delivered, can be programmed at the repair shop to become a just-in-time vehicle-specific spare part. This reduces complex and cost-intensive warehousing needs, since one sensor-valve version can be installed in almost all vehicles on the market.Customers no longer have to wait for the right spare part. Installation is standardized, i.e. one simple installation procedure, using the same tool each time, is now possible. All this, and the OE quality you expect from ALLIGATOR!

Three simple steps to a successful TPMS service:Programmer software Montage Screenshots

The constantly updated application software for programming can be downloaded at:
www.alligator-sensit.com free of charge and installed on any PC or laptop with the Windows operating system.

Connect the ALLIGATOR sens.it programming device, developed for the program, to a free USB port on the computer.

After opening the installed application, a brief registration process is executed. Done! When finished, the first sensor can be programmed.